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It's been a crazy busy season for me in the studio, so far- more ambitious and more time-consuming projects on commission, for the most part.  I have four full suits of armor due by September, in addition to a host of smaller side projects and armor bits.  Some highlights on the bench right now are: a trilobite-themed Indo-Persian armor set; an Art Nouveau Lily corset in hardened leather, and a head-to-toe set of Druid Armor, made to look like it's living birch. I work a full-time, very physical "day job" and have a five-year-old son, so trying to balance all that with pursuing a second career as a Crafter is proving very difficult for me.

I'm sorry for the lack of good picture posts recently- I hope to correct that soon with some more submissions.  Thanks to everyone for following/favorite-ing my stuff- your comments and kindness are humbling to me.

-Andy, SavagePunk Studio
Wow.  Apparently the internet likes cats!  Thanks, everyone, for your interest and awesome commentary on the Cat Battle Armor.  To answer some common questions I've received about this creation, I'm making this list of FAQ's that I hope is informative.

"Did you make this?"

-Yes.  I've been working with vegetable-tanned leather for about a year now as a hobby and very small-scale side business.  I created the pattern through trial and error fittings.  My lovely and talented wife helped me with the tedious process of cutting out all the leather scales.

"What kind of cat is that?"

-Selani is a female Savannah Cat, a breed combining a domestic cat with an African wildcat called a Serval….  Yes, she does look a bit like a Bengal.  She is our beloved rescue kitty, whom my wife adopted from a family she couldn't stay with due to her dominance issues with other cats.  She has a ton of personality and we care for her very much.  She has her own Facebook page, for those of you interested in following her exploits and seeing her latest costumes:

"How did you get your cat to wear that?  My cat would KILL me."

-It's all about how you approach it.  Selani isn't really inherently more receptive to wearing armor than any other cat.  We just took it slowly and carefully with her.  While I was constructing the armor, we made sure Selani was around to get used to the look, feel, and smell of it, and gave her positive reinforcement through extra petting and treats when she approached.  When we put it on her, we did it gently and over a long period of time, cuddling her in our laps and letting her move away whenever she wanted.  Using force or physically restraining her would have been very counterproductive- we just had to be patient, and reward her when she helped out.  We put it on her for frequent short periods of time, always lavishly rewarding her when doing so.  Now she seems to genuinely enjoy wearing it- purring and actively modeling.  I think she also appreciates the extra insulation the leather offers, because she is a total heat-whore and likes being very warm.

"Is it for sale?"

-Oh, honey, everything is for sale.  You can buy it right here:…

"Do you make armor for (dogs, ferrets, hamsters, squid, hedgehogs, ligers, etc)?"

-Most emphatically yes, all of those things.  Give me a reason.  Seriously.  Check out my wife and I on Etsy for custom requests and quotes on work of all types:
Hi Everyone!  Now that the madness of Halloween has drawn to a close, I wanted to let you all know that commission inquiries are welcome at .  Thanks for watching!
SavagePunk: the art and aesthetic of fictional cultures characterized by tribal values and lifestyle, low technological development within the culture, and proximity to a separate Victorian-inspired SteamPunk culture from which more advanced artifacts may be obtained and uniquely modified.

Imagine if the Native cultures of the Americas were not obliterated by Europeans, but lived beside one another in an uneasy truce occasionally shattered by frenzied violence.

Imagine a Sioux medicine man with a captured double-barrel shotgun, reshaping and consecrating it as a holy weapon to speak with the voice of thunder, adorning it with symbols of a warrior society.

Imagine a Kiowa brave fashioning a leather imitation of a gentleman's waistcoat, studding it with brass tacks.

Imagine a Tlingit whaler, chasing his prey with a grenade-tipped harpoon's fuse sizzling in his hand.